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Minutes of the York Corporation, from the Corporation House Book, of 1542. York City Archives B.16, f.19, by permission of York City Archives.
This represents a single page from the minute book of the York City Corporation from the mid 16th century. The minutes are written in English on paper in what I guess we might call a normal cursive business hand of the time. This is one page from a bound volume. As a working document, it contains corrections and annotations, and is some way from the elegant scripts used for formal documents and a lot closer to some of the untidy things you might find while doing normal historical research.

This type of material is representative of the increasingly important local governmant records that gradually appear during the later middle ages and early modern period. This particular page records the attendance at a council meeting, and also records a letter from the Lord of Cumberland, which was accompanied by a gift of venison and gold for the purchase of wine to accompany it. It's nice to know that gifts from the mighty men to sweeten up the local councillors has such a long and illustrious history. The council kindly agreed to pay the messenger who brought the booty 10 shillings for his trouble.

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