Medieval Writing
Paleography Exercises

Paleography exercises using Flash

These exercises will work with all browsers from Internet Explorer 4 and Netscape 4 onwards, including Opera and Mozilla, provided the Flash 5 or later plugin is installed. This can be downloaded for free and is rapidly and easily installed. These exercises actually download faster and look better on the screen. All exercises are now in this format.

Paleography exercises using DHTML

These have now all been removed due to browser incompatibility problems and a certain primitiveness in the formatting and functionality.
This project has been caught for some years in a technology trap. Many of the exercises started off life as Toolbook™ files. They were later converted to DHTML in order to make them accessible on the web and conform to current "standards". Browser incompatibility problems and the increasing use of Flash™ have meant that they have been converted again. The moral of this story is, never try to be the first on the block with anything to do with computers! The medieval scribes never had so much trouble with their quill pens!
The exercises are relatively self-explanatory, but there is some basic general instruction in the Guide to Using the Paleography Exercises.

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